CJOD-017 AIKA Pies Filthy And Cohabitation 24 Hours

CJOD-017 is a near flawless release from Aika. It features non stop amazing action bolstered by the use of POV. Also Aika looks super sexy and delivers one of her best slutty performances to date. Plus how can't you not love the plot here. Just you and Aika living together and fucking non-stop. That's the dream right there. As I mentioned earlier this is hands down one of Aika's best works and if you're a fan of Aika and POV you'd be a complete fool to pass this up. Aika has been pumping out new releases like crazy lately. Some good and some just mediocre. This one however is easily among the best. The premise is very simple. Its just you and Aika living together and having non-stop sex. I think that's a concept we all can enjoy, right? Now despite the title not all the sex ends with a creampie as condoms are used in some parts. However its still pretty hot because in the scene she makes the guy cum multiple times in a row using the same condom. Which leads me to her performance which is easily one of her best. The best word to describe her here is relentless. She doesn't stop and often makes the dude cum several times throughout each scene. Hell at one part she handcuffs herself and you together so you can't get away. Also she is just super slutty and enjoys herself here. And the other great thing here is the action. The sex on its own is already fantastic but when you factor in that the entire video is POV and its just on a whole other level. Finally Aika looks flawless here but that's no surprise ;) Score
Date: December 2, 2016
Actors: AIKA

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